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Friday, 9 April 2010

South Africa set for Eugene Terreblanche funeral

The funeral of Eugene Terreblanche, the infamous South African white supremacist leader, is to take place.

Thousands of supporters are expected in the rural town Ventersdorp to commemorate his controversial life.
Terreblanche was killed on his farm on Sunday. Two of his workers have been charged with murder.

Having fought South Africa's transition to democracy, Terreblanche was hated by many, if not most, of his fellow countrymen.
But thousands of Terreblanche's supporters are expected to fill the grounds of the Afrikaans Protestant Church for his funeral in Ventersdorp.
Though all the indications are that the murder had more to do with money than politics, it has led to a period of heightened racial tension.

White groups and opposition parties blamed an ANC official, Julius Malema, for singing an apartheid-era song at rallies, that includes the lyrics "shoot the farmer".

The ANC has rejected that link, but accepts that the song and the debate around it was polarising society.

It has now instructed its members to stop using it.
BBC News