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Friday, 16 April 2010

Smear complaint by BNP Sedgefield candidate

The BNP candidate for Sedgefield in County Durham has claimed he is the victim of a smear campaign.

Mark Walker said that details of an unemployment tribunal were leaked to the press in a bid to blacken his name.
He was dismissed from his teaching job at Sunnydale Community College in 2008 because of his absenteeism.
He maintained he was sacked because of his BNP membership but an employment tribunal rejected his claim for unfair dismissal in January.
Mr Walker was suspended from his post at Sunnydale Community College in March 2007, after an allegation of misuse of a school computer.

About 18 months later he was sacked on the grounds of his sick record.
He said that he was being discriminated against because he was a member of the BNP and the resultant stress had made him ill.
His case went to an employment tribunal, which ruled in favour of his employers, Durham County Council.

No details were released at the time and Mr Walker described it as "strange" that they should have surfaced in the press so close to the election.

"It is absolutely politically motivated," he said.

"They want to smear my name for the election because I'm standing in Tony Blair's old constituency.

"It's gutter politics."

He added: "I could appeal against the [tribunal's] decision but I've lost my job so cannot afford justice."

Other candidates for Sedgefield so far announced are:

Labour: Phil Wilson; Conservative: Neil Mahapatra; Liberal Democrats: Alan Thompson; UK Independence Party: Brian Gregory.
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