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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Racist Scottish Defence League hijack army logos for website

ARMY chiefs have declared war on the neo-Nazi Scottish Defence League for using Royal Regiment of Scotland logos to boost its membership.

Top brass have hit out at the racist SDL for hijacking the historic badges and emblems for political gain and tarnishing the good reputation of the armed forces.

The official SDL website features the Royal Regiment of Scotland logo and the words "Support Our Troops" alongside pictures of badges reading "Scottish Casuals".
A shaven-headed SDL thug was also spotted brandishing an army flag at a recent demonstration in Glasgow.

The Army insist the anti-Islamic SDL was breaking copyright laws.
They said: "Emblems, logos and insignia belonging to the army are Crown copyright and cannot be used without permission. It is very unlikely that this, or any other politically-affiliated group would be given that permission"

And Colonel Bob Stewart, former UN commander in Bosnia, added: "It is utterly contemptible and disgraceful that this group should use emblems and badges of the Royal Regiment of Scotland."

A rag-tag mob of SDL fanatics - who are closely linked to the BNP - brought chaos to Edinburgh last month during a tense stand-off between the far-right group and anti-fascist protesters.
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