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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The president of the PP in Badalona, defends its flyers stating that Romanian gypsies "are here to commit crime". The president of the PP in Badalona, Xavi García Albiol, defended the distribution of leaflets in the town made by his party in which a photograph taken from the street with a slogan that says 'we do not want Romanians', and that part of the collective Romanian-Gypsy community has "been installed to commit crimes and steal". García Albiol explained that the purpose of these forms is to transmit a major issue "being experienced by the municipality". The booklet is a real picture of a banner that hangs in several buildings in the neighbourhood of San Roque where 75% of the population are gypsy," argued the popular leader, in an interview with Cadena Ser gathered by Europa Press. In this sense, Albiol criticized the mayor of Badalona, the socialist Jordi Sierra, he "hides his head in the sand" and think that "failure to discuss the problem will solve it" rather than confront it "with courage". "The Romanian-gypsy group has been installed in this city to commit crimes and steal and that is creating many problems in the densest part of the city," said Albiol, who qualified that this accusation does not extend to all Romanian immigrants since he recognized that "the vast majority of them have come to the city of Badalona to work and are honest people."

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