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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Police issue web warning following hate crime attack (UK)

Police have issued a warning about meeting people through internet chat rooms after a man was attacked in Leicestershire
Police have issued a warning about meeting people through internet chat rooms after a man was attacked in Leicestershire.

The 50-year-old victim had arranged to meet a man at a park in Burbage on Sunday evening after initially meeting him via an internet chat room for gay men, the Peterborough Telegraph reported.
But when he got to the park in Colts Close he was approached by four men who demanded he hand over his money.
The victim was then hit a number of times until he told his assailants he did not have any cash, police said.

He had suffered injuries to his face and head and was taken by ambulance to Leicester Royal Infirmary for treatment.
After the attack it was discovered that his car had been damaged and the front driver’s side window smashed.
Leicestershire Police said they believe the man was set up by the suspects via the chat line for gay men that he had been using and that he was targeted because of his sexual preference.

Officers hope to interview the occupants of two cars in the nearby car park after the attack who asked the victim if he was OK before driving off.
Detective Constable Pete Watson said: “It is appalling to think that this man was purposely targeted because of his sexual orientation and we want the suspects to know that it is not something that we will tolerate.”

He added: “We are determined to find the four men responsible and are appealing to members of the public for their help in finding and identifying them.”

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