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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Is Mark Collett about to reveal the Truth about the BNP?

Is Mark Collett about to reveal all about the BNP?

the You Tube user FIFAPLYR1 now claims that he is Mark Collett and states the following on his channel.

I have recently been the victim of persecution within the BNP party which i believe i should be the leader.I have been falsely accused of' stealing party funds and making threats to kill against Nick Griffin.

This is not true i am a patsy who is being used by Nick Griffin and others.
I am innocent all i have done is challenge Nick Griffin to declare his expenses.It was him along with others who has not threating to kill me but actually tried.I have spent 3 days in custody only to be released without charge.I welcome any police investigation into this as it will only expose the BNP leadership for what they are.....thieves liars and gangsters.
I am making a public statment in a few days time.
Stand behind me if you want the BNP to survive .
Nick why did you do this to me?

Is this Mark Collett?  We honestly dont know. But we felt it was worth mentioning.