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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Indians campaign against UK's BNP fascist party

The leader of the British National Party (BNP) Nick Griffin, who is contesting the Barking constituency in London for the UK election on May 6, is the biggest threat to Indians and other non-white people in Britain.

His politics threatens their (Indians/non-whites) very existence in Britain. In an area where poor white people live around poor migrants, tensions run high and BNP aims are clear.

Councilor Bailey of BNP said, "A lot of people have come from India to this country to make a better life for themselves. But a lot of those people have still got Indian passports, they retire back in India, and they send a lot of money, which they earn in this country back to India as well. Now remittances alone are in billions, and it affects the British economy."

This is just the kind of politics his opponents are uniting to stop in this Barking and Dagenham constituency.

Councilor Tariq Saeed said, "They are leftover Nazi party, they are leftover Hitler, they are Hitler's followers."
Challenging BNP's Nick Griffin is the Labour Party and local Indians led by the local gurdwara have been campaigning actively against the BNP.

Councilor N S Gill said, “We have been campaigning for three years for people to use their vote, which is essential to keep the BNP out.”
A vote in the Barking constituency could be very telling how far a lot of white working class people think that Indians and other immigrants should simply pack their bags and head home - this late in the day. Indians of course are doing their bit to see that the BNP is kept away, on principle, and for themselves