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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hypocrisy in action – Ignoring the Christian Terrorists

With all the talking in the UK from the far right about Islamic terrorists Douglas Todd makes a really good point in his blog for The Vancouver Sun.

If a follower of Islam can be called an Islamic Terrorist, why shouldn’t a Christian be called a Christian Terrorist?
Here’s what he wrote.

When the opportunity has arisen since September 11, 2001 and even before, the North American media hasn't hesitated to expose the evils of "Muslim terrorists." We also do so in regard to "Sikh terrorists," as Canadians are highly aware ever since an Air India jet was blown up in 1985.

But what about "Christian terrorists?"
The phrase does not often fall from our lips. Not even when there is ample reason for it to do so.

Why are the media not referring to the nine recently arrested members of a paramilitary extremist U.S. organization called Hutaree as "Christian terrorists?"

This is not an idle, mischievous thought. It is a serious question about the kind of labels we put on any militants who plan to wreak havoc in the name of a religion, philosophy or ideology.

Even though they have ample reason to do so, both the FBI and the U.S. media are rigorously avoiding describing the nine men and women as "terrorists." Sometimes they don't even mention "Christian."

Still, these Michigan-based Hutarees have put together a weapons stockpile, train to fight while wearing camouflage gear, believe in the Biblical battle against the Anti-Christ, judge President Barack Obama to be controlled by Satan, think of themselves as martyrs and were allegedly planning to kill a policeman and then bomb his funeral, killing more innocents and starting a war.

Even their website defines the word, Hutaree, as "Christian warrior." {Here's their website.)

Yet, what are these would-be terrorists being called by federal officials and the media?




Even "patriots."

The media don't seem to want to call them "Christian terrorists," because it might suggest Christianity is itself illegitimate and dangerous. And that's a hard sell on a continent where most people remain loyal in various ways to Christianity, which they consider a religion of love.

Yet that is exactly the argument made by Muslims. Why, they ask, does their entire religion, which they associate with peace and altruism, get maligned by being intimately and constantly linked with foreign terrorists who are Muslim?

Is it time for some fairness in labelling? Or, simply, better labelling? What do you think the Hutarees should be called by the FBI and media? What do you think Muslims who are extremists should be called?

{Jokes not at all appreciated.}

Vancouver Sun