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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The BNP Want To Censor Eastenders And OK Magazine

The 2010 BNP Manifesto released this week contains the following statement:

Alien Cultural Influences
The BNP disapproves of the malign influences of the international media and their promulgation, for example, of ‘celebrity culture’ which is often of a nature that is both pernicious and subversive.

Television should strive to depict improved standards of conduct rather than reducing much within its remit to the lowest common denominator.

Often, the media portrays the white working class in the most negative, unattractive and unacceptable light. This practice must stop.

What does that mean in real terms for their potential voters? Well, they disapprove of ‘Celebrity Culture’, for example OK and Hello Magazines. So we can’t read about who has lost or gained weight, who is dating who, who has been snapped out and about with a ‘mystery companion’. They certainly won’t like Celebrity Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, What Katie Did Next or even Celebrity ‘The Apprentice’.

So all celebrity magazines and celebrity ‘reality’ TV shows are out under the BNP.

But that isn’t going far enough for the country’s self-appointed moral guardians.

‘White working class’ people must not be portrayed in a ‘negative and unacceptable light’. Note there is no mention of how non-white Brits are portrayed on popular TV. They can be portrayed as negatively and unattractively as possible, and the BNP are fine with that.

So no more Eastenders, Emmerdale or Coronation Street, or at least no more of the villains we love! No Dirty Den under the BNP, no Les Battersby, no Richard Hillman. No Cindy Beale, no Phil Mitchell battling with alcoholism. And the Dingle family in Emerdale?? No chance! Imagine popular TV soaps with no affairs, murders, double-crossing, lies, secrets, vices… in other words all the things that make them interesting to the British people. If anything bad happened - you'd know the black family did it!

And all because the BNP want to portray white people as ‘good’ and non-white people as ‘bad’.

No matter how you feel about trashy TV and magazines, they are hugely popular in the UK. Do you really want a political party telling you that you can’t watch your choice of TV programs or read your choice of magazines? Do you want even more censorship of popular entertainment?

Don’t vote for the BNP – they will ruin your leisure time as well as the country.

Read the full manifesto here

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