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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Town gears up as thousands of campaigners plan protest rally (UK)

Bolton's top police officer has warned protesters intent on causing trouble in the town on Saturday: “You are not welcome.”

Addressing town centre businesses yesterday, ahead of planned English Defence League (EDL) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) demonstrations in Victoria Square, Chief Supt Steve Hartley said troublemakers would be dealt with robustly.

He said: “People who want to come and protest lawfully are fine. Those who do not want to lawfully protest are not fine and I would say to them that they can expect to find a robust response.

“The planning for this event has been meticulous and there will be a lot of police officers in the town before the protest, on the day and afterwards.

“I can assure people that staff and customers will be able to come to Bolton, will be able to come into work and they will be safe.”

Police and Bolton Council chiefs are working around the clock and are in constant contact with organisers of the EDL rally and the counter UAF protest.
But they are still unsure how many protesters will descend on the town.

Information from websites, which are being checked by officers on a daily basis, suggests that thousands of protesters from each side will arrive from as far away as Dover and Aberdeen.

Ch Supt Hartley said: “It is difficult to say anything at this stage because each of the protests has been different. We had one of the earlier protests in Wrexham where about 50 people turned up and it lasted about an hour, through to Manchester where there were a few thousand people.”

Council maintenance staff have already started securing loose flagstones and cobbles in town centre streets and shops and businesses are being urged to keep bins and waste in a safe place.

Anything that can be used as a potential weapon will be taken off display for the day.

Ch Supt Hartley said: “This is not going to be like the G20 protests where someone is throwing something through a bank window.”
Bolton Council chief executive Sean Harriss admitted that staff from the authority had expressed concern about their own safety.
But he said: “Managers have sat down with staff and reassured them.”
Despite the reassurances, town centre bosses admit they are still undecided what course of action to take.

One businessman, whose premises is in Victoria Square, said: “I am going to have to make a decision soon about whether I board up my windows. I am not bothered about what the premises looks like, I just want to take any action I need to.”

Philip Parker, who owns Parker’s Clothing schoolwear in Deansgate, said he was unsure whether to close for the day.
He said: “I am not sure how many shoppers will actually bother to come into town. I do not think I would come into town if I knew there was going to be a confrontation between two different sides.

“All my staff are female and I could get a couple of men to add a bit of security but I do not know how much I would take and whether it would be worth opening.”

Buses and other public transport will be running as normally, although police have said some roads and car parks may be closed to allow them to escort protesters into Victoria Square.
Ch Supt Hartley said: “We are still working out the detail but all premises in the town centre will be accessible.”

Anyone with informationabout the forthcoming demonstrations should call the dedicated EDL hotline on 0161 856 5654, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or email EDL.CC.Management@gmp.police.uk andrew.greaves@ theboltonnews.co.uk

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