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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

To BNP or not to be?

The Tories didn’t so much peep on the immigration dog whistle as sound a klaxon in a disgraceful campaign.
A hateful leaflet produced by Romford Conservatives in East London is so grotesque it could carry a BNP logo. The inflammatory charge that Labour “opened the floodgates” is false and way beyond responsible political debate.
Tory home affairs spokesman and local MP Andrew Rosindell admitted to me he was in the area when it was distributed. The right-winger said he was canvassing but didn’t see the alarmist flyer pushed through letter boxes by members of his team.
That’s a shame because it includes two photos of him, including one picture with David Cameron.
The statement “promoted by Andrew Rosindell MP” on the bottom, he said, was a legal obligation on Romford Tory Party because he’s standing for election.

The leaflet, he added, “fell short of what I would have done” and he’ll have a word with the councillors responsible.

So it was a disappointment that I needed 10 minutes to coax the statement “I would not have used the words ‘opened the floodgates’” from the MP.
Cameron described immigration as a sensitive issue, to be dealt with carefully. Yet in Romford, his party wears hobnailed boots.
Apeing the BNP to defeat the BNP is to become the BNP.

Daily Mirror