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Our intention is to inform people of racist, homophobic, religious extreme hate speech perpetrators across social networking internet sites. And we also aim to be a focal point for people to access information and resources to report such perpetrators to appropriate web sites, governmental departments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

We will also post relevant news worthy items and information on Human rights issues, racism, extremist individuals and groups and far right political parties from around the world although predominantly Britain.

Friday, 26 March 2010


Up to 5,000 protesters were expected at a demonstration against Austrian far-right presidential hopeful Barbara Rosenkranz in Vienna on Thursday, organizers said. Rosenkranz's nomination has sparked an outcry across the country, as media and politicians of various parties have condemned the Freedom Party politician for her criticism of the law that bans revisionist propaganda and neo-Nazi activities. Although Rosenkranz has retracted the comments and made clear she does not doubt the existence of gas chambers in Hitler's concentration camps, she remains a controversial figure ahead of the April 25 election. The demonstration in front of the Hofburg presidential office was organized largely with the help of a social network group on the internet that has attracted over 88,000 members. Support comes also from various leftist organizations and parties, former centre-right Vice Chancellor Erhard Busek, and by Jewish and Muslim groups. 'We don't want such a racist politician to enter the Hofburg,' said Wolfgang Moitzi, the head of the Social Democrat's youth organization and an organizer of the event. According to the latest polls, current President Heinz Fischer of the Social Democrats is expected to win a second term in this largely ceremonial office, with 81 per cent of the votes. Last week's poll by News magazine saw Rosenkranz at 19 per cent. No other major parties fielded candidates, owing to Fischer's popularity and the fact that a challenger has so far never defeated an incumbent in a presidential election.