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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pledge Your Support To Stop The Use Of The 'R' Word

The words 'Retard' and 'Retarded' are often used as offensive terms; but how often do we stop and think what they mean? Do we stop and think who may be offended, hurt or upset by the use of these words?

Most decent people wouldn't use offensive racial terms, or words that are derogatory to the GLBT community. But all too often it the 'R' word is either used casually as an insult or as a form of hate speech against people with learning difficulties or mental health problems.

It is time we stopped accepting hate speech in any guise. Accepting this behaviour, or turning a blind eye to it, opens the gates to more discrimination and hatred - and the prejudice can soon spiral out of control.

The Ladder of Prejudice demonstrates:

The First Rung: Speech (hate speech, name calling)
The Second Rung: Avoidance (crossing the road to avoid 'them', isolating 'them')
The Third Rung: Discrimination (we have no common ground - why not make 'them' second class citizens?)
The Fourth Rung: Physical Attack (the law states 'they' are worth less than me, so I can act towards 'them' as I please)
The Fifth Rung: Extermination ('they' serve no purpose in society - why keep 'them' around?)

(Identified by Tolerance.org)

We have seen this pattern established many times by racial discrimination, or discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.

As part of their work to promote the rights and views of disabled people worldwide, the Special Olympics have launched a campaign to challenge the use of the 'R' word in our societies. This is not political correctness gone mad - this is treating other human beings with the respect we would demand for ourselves. Don't allow anyone to take the first step on the ladder of prejudice unchallenged.

Please pledge your support for this worthwhile campaign.