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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Missouri hatemonger runs racist radio ads... to get elected to U.S. Senate (USA)

A Missouri man is counting on write-in votes - and racist radio ads - to catapult him into the United States Senate.

69-year-old bigot Glenn Miller, a leader of the White Patriot's Party during the 1980s, has paid for a series of offensive advertisements to be played on a local station. And there apparently is nothing the radio station can do about it.
“The company is required by federal law to run these spots and to do so without any edits,” Neil Larrimore, KMBZ program director, told the Kansas City Star. “Our hands are tied.”

One of the statements Miller makes in his ads includes, "Jews control the federal government and the media. Surely you don't still believe white men are in control, do ya? It's the Jews, stupid."

In another, he states:

"The future of white children will be a nightmare."

Many of his ads actually call white people "stupid," mixed in with an assortment of racist slurs directed at minorities.
This isn't the first time Miller has run for office. He made a similar bid in 2006, during which time he got only 40 votes, according to The Associated Press.

Another white supremacist, this one in Indiana, has been making a similar bid. Tom Metzger, 71, is using ads in local papers to support his write-in candidacy to get elected into the House of Representatives.

Like Miller, he has several failed attempts to get elected to public office under his belt.

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