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Thursday, 18 March 2010


Homosexual and lesbian couples are still not to be allowed to enter into marriage in the country’s town halls according Justice Minister Lars Barfoed (Cons) in a memorandum to Copenhagen council. “We have received a memorandum saying that Lars Barfoed has rejected our demand. The non-socialists in the city council voted in favour of the proposal, so I find it strange that our justice minister says no,” says Social Democratic Social Affairs Spokesman Lars Aslan Rasmussen. In his memorandum, Barfoed says that he feels it best to maintain the current state of affairs under which there is a difference between a registered partnership and marriage. Homosexual and lesbian couples are currently able to enter into registered partnerships. “We think that as long as homosexuals and lesbians are unable to enter into marriage, this is discrimination. It would be the same if immigrants needed another marriage ceremony than Danes,” Lars Aslan Rasmussen says, adding the issue is particularly a problem at the current time as a result of hate crimes against homosexuals.