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Sunday, 28 March 2010

I LIVE AND BREATHE THE BNP!! School governor's vile boast (UK)

Primary school governor Debra Kent is facing the axe after The People unmasked her as a racist.

Kent - standing as an MP for the BNP - peddles her vile views on far-right websites.
She even brags: "I live and breathe the BNP!!!!" A People probe found mum-ofone Kent, 30, has branded Britain a "multicultural hellhole" and said immigrants act "like savages".
She is part of an online group called "Stop the ethnic cleansing of Britain", has joined a campaign to ban non-white British footballers and another calling for halal meat to be outlawed.

She supports a group named "If you don't like our country GET OUT" and another called "NO MORE MOSQUES".
And we can reveal she went to a British National Party rally where racists torched a gollywog.

Writing on Facebook, Kent later dubbed the rally "fab".
We launched our probe after parents at Latchford C of E Aided Primary School in Kent's hometown of Warrington, Cheshire, voiced alarm when she was chosen as BNP candidate for the new constituency of Fleetwood and Lancaster at the General Election.

Partner James Clayton will fight Blackpool North and Cleveleys.
Education chiefs pledged Kent will be booted out because by law school governors have a duty to work for racial harmony.
School head Jacqui Wightman said: "The views of the BNP go against all those we hold dear."

And Warrington education boss Pinaki Ghoshal said: "We would not support the continued presence of a BNP candidate on a school's board of governors."
Kent, who has a seven-year-old son, bragged: "I'm young, I'm successful, I'm a woman and I'm standing up for Christian values by standing as a BNP candidate. Get over it."

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