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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Help The Daily Telegraph trace these models pictured 'endorsing' the BNP's anti-immigration policies

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In the next few weeks it’s more than likely that a leaflet carrying this image will appear on your doormat. The BNP have printed tens of thousands ahead of the general election and its activists are now busy stuffing them through letter boxes.

The leaflet, Putting British People First, is less immigrant-obsessed than might be expected from the far-right party. Pledges to reduce crime, EU interference and high taxes sit alongside the “No to Immigration” cry on the front cover, and the party’s promise to bring British troops back from Afghanistan is given prominence.
But the most striking thing about the leaflet is the photo on the reverse: three generations of a smiling, prosperous, attractive family beneath the headline “Why People Like You Voted BNP

The endorsements offered in the accompanying text (Islamification of Britain, declining NHS, British jobs for British workers) appear in quotation marks just millimetres from the heads of the people in the picture. While the quotes are not directly attributed, a casual reader could be forgiven for assuming that the Attractive Family vote BNP.

But, let’s be honest, they don’t look very British. The flawless smiles, schmaltzy pose and sunny perfection of the scene owe more to US corporate photography than British electioneering.

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Credit: The BNP leaflet image was taken from The Straight Choice website, which allows voters across Britain to upload election pamphlets to aid monitoring of parties’ claims and promises.