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Saturday, 6 March 2010

EDL Founding Member admits EDL now controlled by BNP activist.

As many will know the English Defence League “EDL” is a Violent football hooligan thugs led anti-Islamic movement and has always maintained that it has nothing to do with the British National Party “BNP”.

And equally the British National Party has stated it has nothing to do with the EDL and it is not in fact it’s current boot boy army.
Yet an interesting video has appeared on You Tube which was made by the EDL’s founding member Paul Ray. It was posted on a You Tube EDL channel by a user called LutonLionheart.
In the video Paul Ray admits that one of the EDL’s main activists is none other than the BNP Gold Member and Activist Chris Renton.
He state’s that Chris Renton is actively involved with two neo-Nazi organisations Combat18 and Stormfront.
He also goes on to state that Chris Renton BNP activist is now the commander in chief of the EDL.
He also states that the EDL now to has serious Neo-Nazi leanings with Chris Renton BNP being at the forefront of that influence.
The video was originally removed by the previous up loader but it has been re-uploaded by a anti-racist activist for others to see.
The You Tube user by the id of CY2290 has many great videos on his channel and are worth a perusal. To go to his channel please click HERE