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Monday, 1 March 2010

Czech Prime Ministers Wife Hire’s Bodyguards over Neo-Nazi threat

Security guards have been protecting Dana Fischerova, Czech prime minister's wife, since early January, she says in the issue of the weekly Tyden to be out of Monday, adding that the measure was a reaction to the threats she faced over her helping an attacked Romany family.
Apart from Prime Minister Jan Fischer and his wife, the police also protect their son Jan, 22.
Fischerova, 61, says she has been protected over the threats an unknown man addressed to Anna Sivakova, a Romany whose family house in Vitkov, north Moravia, was burnt down in an arson attack last April.
Sivakova's daughter Natalka, then aged 2, suffered serious burns in the attack. Doctors have described her survival, after many months in hospital and numerous transplant operations, as a miracle.
"The threats were also targeted at me and our Jan," Fischerova told Tyden.
She said she believes that the potential risk will fade away after some time.
Four supporters of the ultra-right wing have been charged with attempted racially-motivated murder in connection with the arson attack in Vitkov. They are to stand a trial in May and June.
Fischer's family also faced right-wing extremists' threats last year. They targeted Jan Fischer jr.
The daily Pravo then wrote that the police guarded Jan over the threats he received from the extremist group White Justice.
Prime Minister Fischer, 59, and his son Jan adhere to the Jewish faith.