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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

BNP Leader Nick Griffin failed his wife & kids - Jackie Griffin speaks out

Here’s a incite into to the Leader of the BNP’s Nick Griffin from his wife Jackie Griffin.

She states during the interview that,

'My mother thinks he could do with a damned good slap and get out there and do something. We have had four kids. I've worked all my life. I've always worked. I've had children and gone back to work. She'd have been a lot happier if he'd been able to provide.'

Nick Griffin couldn't get work with a Cambridge law degree entirely because he chose not to.

'His parents taught him that the sun rose and set in his arse'

And he dossed around for 20 years while she supported the family and went out to work and paid the bills with four kids to feed.

Until he became leader of the BNP, and his racist beliefs started paying the bills.

Yet he now fails to mention to the unemployed people that he has often labelled as scroungers and parasites and stated that they should “starve or work”, that in his past that was the furthest thing from his mind.

Pot calling the kettle black we should say or rather in Mr Griffins case “calling it white”.

Introducing Jackie Griffin the wife of the king of hypocrisy interviewed by Dominic Carman.

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