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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Unknown Gunmen attack Turkey's new BDP party HQ

The headquarters of Turkey's Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) was attacked by unidentified gunmen late on Friday.
In a statement made after the attack that took place at around 2130 hours, the deputy chairperson of BDP, Gulten Kisanak, said that "we condemn those who have perpetrated the attack, those who tolerate such attacks and those who encourage such attacks."
Kisanak said that the BDP headquarters was attacked by armed assailants on Friday night.
According to Kisanak, more than 15 bullets were fired on the BDP headquarters.

Our headquarters was empty at the time of the attack. Had there been individuals in the building, many of them could have been killed, Kisanak said.
If a political party gets attacked frequently and if the (Turkish) government, Prime Minister, Interior Minister, those responsible for security in the country and political parties do not condemn such attacks, then we have to express that we are being seriously discriminated against, Kisanak underlined.

If an official has not phoned us to express sadness over the armed attack and not assured us that the shooting will be investigated and those responsible for the attack would be brought to justice, then we do have the right to stress that we are being discriminated against, Kisanak noted.
Had the armed attack taken place against any other political party (in Turkey), would the reaction have been the same? We have not witnessed a similar reaction (by Turkish officials). On the other hand, we expect and request identical reactions as of tomorrow (Saturday), Kisanak said.
Those who have organized Friday's attack should not expect any results. We will continue to exist in all corners of Turkey. We will always support tranquility, peace and brotherhood. No one should attempt to scare and discourage us. We are a political party that knows how to take an attitude against such attacks, Kisanak said.

Asked by a reporter if they had received any threats in the past few days, Kisanak said that "we have not received any threats in the past few days. However, we have been attacked for the fifth time in the past one year".
In response to an other question, Kisanak underscored that the bullets were sprayed on party rooms whose lights were already turned off at the time of the attack.

The way the attack was conducted shows that it was a very organized one and it was implemented to not kill but rather to threaten and cause fear, Kisanak also said.
Meanwhile, Sirri Sakik, a deputy of the BDP from eastern province of Mus, argued that "the assailants (who attacked BDP on Friday night) were arrested but were released later".
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