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Friday, 26 February 2010


London Mayor Boris Johnson has been urged to ensure a landmark report into racism in the police remains independent. Questions have been raised about the final draft of a long-overdue review of racial discrimination and equality at the Metropolitan Police. The report follows a series of public meetings where senior officers, experts and advisers were quizzed about cultural change, promotion and training. It has emerged that the final draft will be written up by officials at the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), which is also under scrutiny. The MPA's Jenny Jones questioned the arrangement, which she suggests may have come about in order to keep costs down. "Bringing it in-house sends out a signal that the mayor is not taking the issues of racism and equality in the police seriously enough. Questions are being raised about the mayor's commitment to use his funds to promote equality, as Africa Day funding has reportedly been dropped and the funding for Black History month greatly reduced," she said. Her comments came after one of four panellists, Bob Purkiss, charged with compiling the work stood down and asked for his name to be removed from the report. Mr Purkiss said the decision to use MPA staff "infuriated" the panel and said he doubted the ability of the report to be self-critical. He also criticised delays in publishing the report and said he has completed inquiries into "whole countries" in less time. The review was ordered by Mr Johnson when he took control of the MPA and kicked out Sir Ian Blair in October 2008 - he has since stood down from his MPA role. It came amid a row about claims of racism among the highest ranks of London police. The £100,000 inquiry held a series of public meetings last year and heard evidence from current police chief Sir Paul Stephenson and his predecessor. But it has fallen behind schedule amid consistent rumours of backstage wrangling between the panel and senior City Hall figures.

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