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Monday, 15 February 2010

Racist march protest group formed on Facebook (Wales)

HUNDREDS of people have joined a Facebook group opposing a racist march through the South Wales Valleys.
Last month a group was set up on the social networking site declaring that “all Muslims should be thrown out of Wales”.
Around 150 people joined the forum and organised to march from Treherbert, in the Rhondda, down to Pontypridd on February 28 to make their feelings known.
But South Wales Police caught wind of the plans and arrested five men for religiously aggravated public order offences on February 4.
They are now confident the march won’t go ahead, and 681+ people have joined a new Facebook group called “We Say No To The Planned Rhondda Valleys Racist March.”
The forum was set up by Kelly Stephens Robson and describes itself as: “A group for intelligent, informed, peace-loving residents of the Rhondda Valleys, who are opposed to the planned anti-Muslim march from Treherbert to Pontypridd on February 28th.”
Members of the group are also considering holding a peaceful protest of their own in opposition to the original march.
Wales Online