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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Neo-Nazis plan rally with German peers in Budapest

The Hungarian Nationalist Socialist Front (NS) will hold a rally in Budapest on March 6 with fellow German a neo-Nazis, Nepszabadsag daily said on Wednesday.
The neo-Nazi group originally planned to hold their event to commemorate a WWII battle together with the local group called the "Hungarists" - followers of the Hungarian collaborators with German Nazi rule - on February 14 at Heroes' Square.
But police issued a stern warning that they would not be allowed to gather either in Heroes' Square or at any other frequented site.
The Hungarists will instead commemorate the "Day of Honour", a WWII battle in defence of Budapest where German and Hungarian soldiers broke out of the besieged Buda Castle, in a small group up in the Buda Hills.
The Nationalist Socialist Front, however, insists on holding their event in a public space. The group has since set up a party called National Revolutionary Party, a source told Nepszabadsag. The idea is to hold the rally as a political campaign and circumvent a police ban.
NS has postponed the date to March 6 at the request of their German peers, unable to attend the February commemoration in Budapest because of a similar commemoration in Dresden coinciding with it.