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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Most Czechs support the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) to dissolve the ultra-right Workers' Party (DS), according to the latest Internet poll conducted by the SANEP agency and released to CTK Sunday. Almost 75 percent of the respondents agree with the DS's abolition, and some four-fifths say the DS is an extremist party promoting Nazism. According to 69 percent of the polled, extremist parties threaten democracy. Moreover, about three-quarters of the respondents would like to abolish "all political parties and movements that have elements of racial hatred and xenophobia and instigate violence." Over 55 percent of the polled do not consider the fight against extremism sufficiently resolute. The NSS decided to dissolve the extra-parliamentary DS on Wednesday, complying with the proposal of the government saying the DS is extremist and poses a threat to democracy. The court justified the verdict concluding that the DS's programme, ideas and symbols contain the elements of xenophobia, chauvinism, homophobia and a racist subtext, and follow up national socialism, the ideology connected with Adolf Hitler. The DS representatives announced on Saturday that they would run in the May general election for the allied Workers' Party of Social Justice (DSSS). Most DS members would join the DSSS, DS chairman Tomas Vandas told reporters. The SANEP poll shows that some 65 percent do the polled would agree with the abolition of any party that would follow up the DS's activities. A total of 14,293 respondents participated in the SANEP Internet poll on February 18-20 of whom the agency selected a group of 6377 people aged 18-69 years.