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Saturday, 27 February 2010

'Kill whites' call sparks hate speech frenzy

A call to kill white people on the Pan Africanist Congress Facebook page has sparked a frenzy of hate speech fanned by extremists of various races, threatening violence against each other.
The demeaning and often violent comments were still on the page on Friday despite promises by the party on Thursday that the page would be removed and its administrator disciplined.
Racist invective, which in many cases amounted to hate speech, from both sides were entertained by page administrator Anwar Adams, who earlier refused to remove comments calling for whites to be killed, saying it was free speech.
PAC spokesman Andiswa Majali said this week Adams could face disciplinary steps and promised on Thursday that the party would remove its Facebook page. He said Adams was a member of the party, but did not have the party's blessing to create the page.
Cape Times