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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Far-right BNP party welcomes Hanson as we predicted

Yesterday when the news broke that Pauline Hanson intended to move to Britain we commentated that it would not be of any surprise if the BNP welcomed her.
And guess what's happened. The one thing that's good about the BNP is they are extremely predictable.
So much for the BNP's anti-immigration policy. mind you she’s white, I wonder if that makes a difference?

Anyway here's the story as reported on the PerthNow Website.

THE leader of the British National Party says Pauline Hanson will be welcomed should she decide to play a political role upon moving to the UK.
BNP leader Nick Griffin also said he felt sorry for Ms Hanson because she had been "forced out of her country by this politically correct intimidation and bullying''.
"She would not be a sponger,'' he told Fairfax.
"We would regard her as a good addition.''
The One Nation founder has put her million dollar property up for sale in Coleyville, southwest of Brisbane, and has announced she's moving to Britain.
Mr Griffin said the BNP's leaders had long observed Ms Hanson's career and "persecution'' by Australian mainstream parties.
He offered a bit of advice about where Ms Hanson should live, warning she should stay away from central London because it had become overrun with "spongers''.
He said more than 100,000 "indigenous'' Londoners had fled the capital every year over the past two decades after being driven out by immigration.
"It has been a relentless flow because they can't stand living there and feeling like foreigners in their own city,'' he said.
Ms Hanson's hardline views on race sparked a national debate over immigration policy and Aboriginal disadvantage from the time she entered federal parliament in 1996.
In her maiden speech, she said "we are in danger of being swamped by Asians'' and questioned multiculturalism.