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Monday, 1 February 2010

The English Defence League are not a violent organisation. And for my next joke…

Recently in the UK the extremist group Islam4UK has been banned by the UK’s government. But hypocritically the UK’s government has not made any moves to ban the extremely controversial racist violent organisation the English Defence League “EDL”.
The EDL is a group that claim they wholly oppose the so called Islamifaction of the UK (their beliefs not ours). Yet every time this peaceful protest groups (ha ha ha, no seriously that’s what they claim) show up violence scenes follow.
Here’s two videos following show this so called peaceful protesting by the EDL and its peaceful protesting.
The first shows the EDL members attacking a police officer and the second shows that the EDL although extremely violent have no sense of balance in the real world in more ways than one.

the EDL attack a policeman

and the EDL acting like violent prats