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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Czech court dissolves far-right Extremist Workers´ Party at request of govt

The court appointed lawyer Radslav Janecek explains the reasoning of the judgment.
The DS´s (Workers Party) party programme contains xenophobia, chauvinism, homophobia and a racist subtext. It spreads fears of foreigners and creates feelings of danger, the court said.
This was the government´s second proposal for the NSS to dissolve the DS. Jan Fischer´s caretaker cabinet submitted it last autumn.
Earlier last year the NSS turned down the first proposal, submitted by the previous government of Mirek Topolanek, due to insufficient evidence.
This time, the government came up with a better-founded material. For example, it cited an expert saying that the DS´s symbols and vocabulary stick to Hitler´s national socialism.
During the NSS´s four-day proceedings in January, the government´s lawyer Tomas Sokol submitted tens of documents, including a video from street brawls in Litvinov-Janov, north Bohemia, a housing estate with prevailing Romany population.
The court also heard police experts in extremism.
The government says the DS poses a threat to democracy, cooperates with neo-Nazis and strives for totalitarianism.
Dismissing this, the DS says the government´s proposal expediently aims to silence a burdensome political rival.
Though invited by the NSS, DS members refused to give their testimony. Only DS chairman Tomas Vandas spoke during the proceedings as his party´s representative.
Vandas previously said the DS candidates would take part in the May general election even if the party were dissolved meanwhile. The DS may lodge a constitutional complaint against the verdict, or its members may switch to another party, such as the allied Workers´ Party of Social Justice, he said.
About 30 supporters of the DS gathered outside the NSS building today, holding flags and banners. One of them wanted to unfold a flag with the DS symbol but the police prevented this.