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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gordon Brown and David Cameron advised not to join forces against the BNP

An article appeared in the London Standard today revealing that David Cameron and Gordon Brown have discussed an unprecedented 'pact'to keep BNP leader Nick Giffin from winning the seat in Barking during the general election.

The deal didn't go ahead after Searchlight advised against giving Griffin 'victim status'.

So, both party leaders clearly recognise there is a problem in the area. They wouldn't dream of agreeing to this deal to keep a Green Party, UKIP, Liberal or any other party member from gaining one seat. This implies they realise what a huge PR victory it would be for the BNP, and what an appalling message it would send to our multi-cultural society to give a member of this odious party even the smallest sniff of political credibility and power.

But what are they doing to combat British people's fears and prejudices? Most of us know we are not being over run by Muslims extremists, and we know the problems with the UK economy are nothing to do with immigration.

But what is the government doing to address these fears and reassure the people who are turning to a dangerous, fascist party? As the BNP thugs have not yet been marginalised to appeal to the most die-hard of racists - clearly they are not doing enough.