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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Are the UAF effective in their opposition of the BNP?

An article appeared in the Telegraph newspaper’s online site yesterday (12th February 2010) questioning how effective, and even necessary, the opposition to the BNP is by United Against Fascism (UAF).

Andrew Gilligan makes some very valid points about the BNP needing media attention to increase both their numbers and their credibility, and how this was impressively achieved during the 'Nick Griffin on Question Time' fiasco by members of the UAF and other protestors staging a huge demonstration outside the BBC. Having said that, the media were already in a frenzy over the rights and wrongs of the situation long before UAF members got dragged out of the BBC building by their feet. The BNP are controversial, and controversy sells newspapers; the BNP makes headlines whether the UAF are involved or not. The UAF cannot be blamed for that.

I completely agree with his assertion that the best way to combat the BNP and their vile policies is with reasoned argument and discussion with people in areas where there are high levels of BNP support, as Searchlight do so well.

But I cannot help thinking that allowing Nick Griffin and other BNP members to speak publicly with no visible opposition sends a clear message to the people Searchlight do not have time to individually canvas. Surely ensuring the BNP are always surrounded by controversy and opposition is a good message to send to the citizens of the UK??

There are many ways to oppose racism and bigotry, and while the UAF may not be to everyone's taste, they are always there to highlight the hypocrisy of the British National Party actually standing for a small minority of British people's beliefs.

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