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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Will The BNPs Revised Constitution Still Be Illegal?

It seems that the revised BNP constitution may not have been altered enough to prevent the party from being faced with a possible court injunction.

The BNP were taken to court by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over the working of their party constituion that did not allow non-whites to join the party. The amended version states that members must adhere to the idea of "the maintenance and existence of the unity and of the integrity of the indigenous British".

It remains to be seen whether the BNP party members will vote in favour of the changes at their extraordinary general meeting in two weeks, and in the event of the racist party agreeing the changes we will wait with baited breath to see whether the Equalities Commission will agree they have gone far enough.

Robin Allen QC, representing the EHRC, told the hearing the changes the party had proposed to its constitution were "highly suspect" and "unquestionably" racially discriminatory.

The BNP have been ordered to pay £12,500 for the adjourned court session, which is due to be reconvened until 9th March when the legality of the new document will be decided.

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