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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Russia ranked highest in human rights violations

Russia has the dubious honour of having the largest number of pending complaints filed against it in the European Court of Human Rights in 2009. But some say that the figures are worse than they look

As stated in the official court press release, “as in 2008, 4 States (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania) were the source of almost 56% of the pending applications: in particular 28.1% of the cases were directed against Russia, 11% Turkey, 8.4% Ukraine and 8.2% Romania."

Experts say, however, that the main reason behind Russia’s leadership in this particular category is the size of its population. As Georgy Matyushkin, the country’s representative to the Court of Human Rights pointed out, if the ranking was done by cases per capita, Russia wouldn’t be nearly as high up.

Here’s a video discussing the whole matter.